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This page contains details about Fallen London Actions.

From: The Cheesemonger?

Perhaps your contacts at the sharp end of the Great Game can tell you more. You may have to do them some favours.

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Unlocked with Pawn Connected: The Great Game 3

Challenge information

Pawn Connected: The Great Game

  • 4-5 - high-risk
  • 6-7 - chancy
  • 8-9 - modest
  • 10-11 - low-risk
  • 12 - straightforward


On the trail

"...not the best, but yes, these will do I suppose. Now, what was it you wanted? Oh yes. […] I understand she's a neutral party in the Game. Can get things done, though. Knows a lot of disposable... assets. Now get going. The back way."

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Not a crumb

Couriers suddenly have to be on the other side of the city. Spies have no interest in cheese or the business of selling it. You know there's more here, […]. You can't shake the feeling that your questions have somehow marked you.

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