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From: Present a Rose-Gift

Action Cost: 0

"Ah... this. No, I shan't drink it. But I have an acquaintance who's been very secretive of late."

Game Instructions: Gain 2 Masquing, to a maximum of 30

Unlocked with Bottlegreen 1 x A Decanter of Lachrymose Chartreuse

Locked with Adoration Masquing 29


Memories of Distant Ascetics

"You must have provoked a great deal of curiosity, to be given this." She holds the bottle up to the light; it's shadow turns her skin the colour of jade. "I knew this as 'Tears of the Roof'. It was sold as 'the run-off from excessive weeping'. […]

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Success Instructions: You will draw a card soon that will allow you to spend the Masquing you've received.

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