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From: A Companion's Revelation

She paces fretfully about your lounge. She has a confession of her own to make.

Game Instructions: This will turn your Bengal Tigress into an Extravagantly-Titled Tigress, increasing your Dangerous by 9, your Persuasive by 7 and both your Dreaded and Respectable by 1.

Unlocked with Mercy 1 x Lettice's Confession, Bandagedman 1 x Feducci's Confession, Princess 1 x The Kashmiri Princess' Confession, Tigersmall 1 x Bengal Tigress


Heavy sits the paw

She pricked her ears […] When she hears Feducci's story […]

[…] "Once, I was a Countess of the Carnelian Coast[…] I was the Ravager of the Boil of Calamities; Born in the Emerald, and Herald of the Smouldering Tower." […] I would like a tiara. […]"

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