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From: An Encounter at the Feast

An uneasy crowd of zailors and bohemians […] A bohemian employs an unwise "z". […] But before anything irreparable can happen the Pirate Poet enters[…]. A clay woman, her skin crammed with dense script. She smells of gun-oil and the far zee.

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Game Instructions: The Pirate Poet is Persuasive and Dangerous.

Unlocked with Adoration 3 x Masquing

Locked with Piratepoetsmall 1 x The Pirate Poet


The Pirate Poet wrote herself free. The words that cover her skin are her own.

She recites "A PLACE WHERE THERE IS VERY LITTLE SCREAMING"[…]. Then she gives a trilogy-piece about her days in servitude: "OBEY", "MAKE PLANS", and "BURIED". […] "SMILE" is a poem about unnoticed love, and throughout it her eyes never leave yours[…]

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