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From: A Companion's Revelation

His solemn, silent tolling has grown irritating. Rather than banishing him to the roof again, perhaps you could use some of your confessions educationally. Can he be convinced to ring more merrily?

Game Instructions: This will turn your Rubbery Bellringer into a Rubbery Campanologist, increasing your Persuasive by 8, and your Bizarre and Dreaded both by 1.

Unlocked with Chap5 1 x The Illuminated Gentleman's Confession, Mercy 1 x Lettice's Confession, Bell 1 x Rubbery Bellringer


A new voice

You show it the illustrations in the Illuminated Gentleman's encoded confession.[…] You discuss Lettice[…] you present your Bellringer with a charming triangle. […]

The Rubbery Man bounds away, ringing, ringing. […] it makes the metal sing. […]

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