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The Tower of Eyes: Behind Closed Doors at a Handsome Townhouse

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One of the more decorous areas of the city. Uniformed doormen stand on well-scrubbed steps. Elegant ladies promenade in the fashions of the season. The Constables are plentiful and idle. But what happens behind closed doors?

[Find the rest of the story at]

Unlocked with Keygold 1 x Key to a Handsome Townhouse

Occurs with Frequent Frequency (twice as common as Standard)


Do a little promenading yourself

  •  Spoiler 


    Challenge information

    Broad, Fox Persuasive 60
    || 41 - very chancy (41%) || 51 - chancy (51%) || 61 - modest (61%) || 71 - very modest (71%) || 81 - low-risk (81%) || 91 - straightforward (91%) || 100 - straightforward (100%)


    A pleasing afternoon



    Perhaps if one tried a weasel?


Secure an invitation to a scandalous party

Scheme: Set up a Salon

Scheme: Set up an Orphanage

Scheme: a Salon

(unlocked with Salon3 Scheme: Set up a Salon)

Pursue a Scheme: encourage the great and the good to attend your Salon

Pursue a Scheme: encourage the wise and the wicked to attend your Salon

Your Salon: invite the Duchess as a guest of honour

Your Salon: invite the Mercies as guests of honour

Your Salon: invite the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer as a guest of honour

Your Salon: invite the Repentant Forger as a guest of honour

Your Salon: invite Silas the Showman as a guest of honour

Your Salon: invite a Presbyterate Diplomat as a guest of honour

Your Salon: invite the Captivating Princess as a guest of honour (1 FATE)

Invite an Author acquaintance

  •  Spoiler 


    When Sent

    That tormenting lacuna If only there existed a means of transmitting messages instantly! Why must you await the langorous crawl of the postal system? Let us hope they reply soon. You have staked no small part of your salon's reputation on this.

    Your friend will receive: [Player] is looking for an Author of note to be guest of honour at their salon. Would you be so kind?

    Once Accepted

    [Friend] is charming and rather magnetic. A successful evening! Most of the glory goes to you, but their star rises too.

    Your friend will receive: You attend the salon that [Player] hosts. You are charming and rather magnetic. A successful evening! Most of the glory goes to the host, but your star rises too.


Invite a Crooked-Cross to address your Salon

  •  Spoiler 


    When Sent

    Fame, of a sort You advertise carefully: by informing only a select few, from whom you extort terrible oaths of secrecy. Immediately, it becomes the most notorious and desired event in the city. Everyone claims they're going, whether to listen, to mock, or to protest.

    Your friend will receive: [Player], courting controversy, has invited you to speak at their salon. They say you can choose your subject...

    Once Accepted

    [Friend]'s talk is neither puerile nor scandalous. It is founded on questions; questions you had not previously thought to ask. Your guests are enthralled and leave less certain - of many things - than they arrived.

    Your friend will receive: The guests at [Player]'s salon are rapt. They eat your words like the apple from the tree.


Scheme: an Orphanage

(unlocked with Orphanage Scheme: Set up an Orphanage)

Look after your Orphanage

Pursue a Scheme: Admit your Winsome Orphan to the Orphanage

Pursue a Scheme: offer some Urchins a place in your Orphanage

Scheme: Graduation

Scheme: Reunite a Dispossessed Orphan with loving parents

Invite a Conjuror acquaintance to... perform

  •  Spoiler 


    When Sent

    Set the scene Drape the room with black and turn the gas-lamps low. Bring in the particular candles that you know your friend requires. Ban cats from the premises for the occasion: their reactions can be dismaying. And perhaps it's best to ensure that the orphans don't say their prayers today.

    Your friend will receive:

    • Impsmall [Friend] would like you to perform conjuring tricks at their orphanage... on the understanding that an orphan might wish to return with you to the Brass Embassy.

    Once Accepted

    [Friend] puts on a magnificent display of disappearing scarves and coloured lights. After the show, one of your Orphans bids you goodbye. "I go to drink the Embassy's milk," she informs you.

    • [Friend] waits in the shadows.
    • Sidebarmakingwavessmall Making Waves is increasing… (+150 CP)

    Your friend will receive: After the show, a Burning-Eyed Orphan approaches you. "Take me to the Brass Embassy." Well, if that's what she wants... the devils will pay you well, that's for certain.


Invite a Correspondent acquaintance to educate the orphans

  •  Spoiler 


    When Sent

    The invitation is sent You prepare a room on the ground floor. Somewhere airy, with plenty of doors and windows should an abrupt exit be necessary. On reflection, you move the desks further from the blackboard, as well.

    Your friend will receive: [Friend], a believer in progressive education, would like you to teach a class on the Correspondence at their orphanage.

    Once Accepted

    [Friend]'s class is a success, its solitary modest fire quickly smothered. You've rarely seen the children so quiet. The doodles they scratch into their desks over the next week are problematic, though.

    Your friend will receive: The class is a success. Only one small fire. [Friend]'s orphans ask uncannily incisive questions. Afterwards, you collect their Correspondence-scrawled slates. A few bear oblique variations you've not seen before. Fruitful accident? Or design?


Invite a Midnighter acquaintance to honour a tradition of St Joshua

  •  Spoiler 


    When Sent

    High spirits A few orphans have caught whispers of your plans, and have invented a new game to play while they kick over your carefully-arranged furniture: "Spies and Snuffers." How excited they are! It'd be a shame if your friend fails to turn up. Though you can always blame the irrigo.

    Your friend will receive: [Friend] invites you to honour an ancient tradition of St Joshua by rendering a tithe of secrets to the children at their orphanage.

    Once Accepted

    [Friend] regales your orphans with tales of terror, hinting at dreadful, secret things. At the end of the story of the Forgotten Dragon, a girl gasps, then dashes out of the room! You find her on the roof hours later, gazing up at the false-stars.

    Your friend will receive: You turn your secrets into thrilling ghost stories; of Forbidden Masks, the Many-Faceted Man, the Tattoo-Head. [Friend]'s orphans listen with rapt attention, eyes wide. When they begin to whisper, you raise a finger to your lips. Shhh.


Recruit a Laconic Prodigy as your assistant (20 FATE)

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