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This page contains details about Fallen London Actions.

From: St Arthur's Candle (storylet)

Action Cost: 7

A second soul hooked like a fish. Give them their bait: light quenched with cloth, bound-dark seamed and starkened.

Unlocked with Jungle orange Footsteps of the False Saints exactly 1, Argument 1 x The Stench of Betrayal, Enigma 1 x Searing Enigma, Scrap7 1 x Thirsty Bombazine Scrap


A gap in the weave

Is it opening, now, does it open? Are there snares we can grasp, to place them tinily in our flesh, as we will take the flesh of Vake-the-betrayer, black as the knives? Dear deep void those knives. My flesh was not meant for them... Ah, ah, ah, ah.

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