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From: Bandages and Dust: The Tomb-Colonies

The infamous gadabout has exhausted London society. Who can keep up with his excesses? Perhaps you could introduce him to your acquaintances from the Tomb-Colonies.

Game Instructions: You will exchange 3 Favours for a unique gift.

Unlocked with Bandagedman 3 x Favours: Tomb-Colonies, Tombcolonist Renown: Tomb-Colonies 10

Locked with Griswine 1 x Cup of Dustwine


Zut alors!

Monsieur P______ cannot recall the events of the previous week. [...] his head rests on the desk; his eyes are closed. He points towards a bottle [...] three-quarters full of burgundy dust. [...] he sobs. "[...] Why is it trying to murder my brain?"

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Success Instructions: You have acquired a memento of your Tomb-Colonist associates. Might there be more as your Renown increases? Search London to find out.