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From: Yesterday's work

Start again! But this time, you're certain to get it right!

Game Instructions: This is a risky approach

Challenge information

A matter of luck: It could go either way (success chance: 60%)


From the ashes

Your work blazes merrily. The paper crisps to ash and is gone. You fight down a sense of panic and regret. No! Genius demands sacrifice.

You set to work again[…]. This time, it will be perfect. This is the piece that will make you immortal[…]

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Rare Success

Recanting your doubt

No! You had a moment of doubt and madness, but it has passed. The work is solid and worthy, but it needs a little polish to make it beautiful. To work! You will edit, not destroy. The fire shall devour only coal today.


What were you thinking?

Your work blazes merrily. The paper crisps to ash and... No! Some of it was worthy! You drag the work from the flames before you lose it all. Your arm is burning! You douse the flames with cold coffee.

[…] What were you thinking?

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