Amber blue
Category: Rubbery
Icon-echo 0.01 Amber Nodule of
Deep Amber
Icon-echo 2.50 Fossil Unearthly Fossil
Icon-echo 12.50 Amber blue Nodule of
Trembling Amber
Icon-echo 62.50 Amber red Nodule of
Pulsating Amber
Icon-echo 312.50 Amber green Nodule of
Fecund Amber
Icon-echo 1560.00 Flukecore Fluke-Core
Icon-echo - Rubberskull Rubbery Skull

It thrills with electric life. Something in it glows like the very most distant of suns.

[Trembling Amber can be obtained from certain unorthodox transactions with Rubbery Men, and occasionally from Expeditions in the Forgotten Quarter.]

See Nodule of Trembling Amber Sources on how to obtain this item, or click  here  to show them.

It can be sold to the Bazaar, but cannot be bought.
Selling Icon-echo 12.50 (no message)

See Category:Nodule of Trembling Amber for uses of this item, or click  here  to show them.