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From: Obstacle: The Electoral Officer

Who watches the watchmen? How can the election possibly be safe from corruption under her compromised watch?

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Game Instructions: Remove this Obstacle from your deck and gain substantial Progress.

Unlocked with Magician 5 x A Flash Lay: Up your Sleeve

Challenge information

Broad, Owl Watchful [ Tattoo wheel Venture Challenge Level x 25 ]


Whispers of sedition

You spend a fruitful few days observing her habits. A lie is always easier swallowed with a spoonful of truth. […] And so on. After three days of this, she announces her resignation. Her role is filled by a safer and far more credulous pair of hands.

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Widespread disbelief

You compile a dossier on her habits[…]Unfortunately, your claims are all too easily disproved.[…]Even hints about her love of the Chert-apple are proved false, as it transpires she has a fatal allergy to all fruits. You are left looking rather silly.

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