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This page contains details about Fallen London Actions.

From: The games tent (SMEN)

Action Cost: 10

The Beleaguered King is playing the Red-Handed Queen. Each takes their time. It promises to be a long match.

Game Instructions: A matter of luck: a long shot...but you might win.

Unlocked with TICKET 1 x Carnival Ticket


"It was love," he observes.

"...What of the message?" "Some of them have taken steps to ensure it is not delivered." "We should have done the same, to that message that passed between us." "We should. Shall we call it a draw? Perhaps they will also." Now they shake hands.


"It was love," he observes.

"It usually is," she replies. "Did they know?" he asks. "...they choose not to be reminded." "Will you remind them?" "Not I. Will you?" "I treasure even this little existence." "...What of the message?" "God willing, it will never be delivered." ...

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