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Bergship Where You and I Must Go

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From: An Exceptional Story: Murder on the Front Page!

The dead deserve the dignity of being known.


A figure worthy of respect

According to the article, the artilleryman was an unsung hero of London. Lifeberg hunters tend to be overlooked […] was also an inventor and a scholar. He spoke Khaganian and played the viola.

Little certain is known about his death. […]

Player summary:
You've received a letter from the Severe Bluejacket.

[Find the rest of the story at]

Success Instructions: After a life at zee, there is much the Severe Bluejacket has come to regret. Everyone may visit him in Breakwater House, where Exceptional Friends will also find the opportunity to begin this month's Exceptional Story: Where You and I Must Go. You will need to go to the House of Chimes to unlock this story.